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Fireworks, Foxtails, and Flu this Month

Many lost, frightened pets end up at animal shelters after running to escape the loud pops and booms that seem to be everywhere on July 4. Please remember to keep your pets safely inside during any fireworks activity in your area. To block the noise, try playing music for them, closing windows, and running fans. Some pets need tranquilizers to stay calm. Call us if you need help.

Foxtails are in full swing these days, invading ears, eyes, feet, and noses. Please don’t let your pet run through dried grassy areas, and if you are from the East Coast, let us help educate you about our dreaded West Coast foxtails.

We have not yet diagnosed any cases in Alameda, but dog flu is a hot topic right now. It started as an H3N8 horse virus that spread to dogs in 2004. The signs of illness are cough, runny nose, and fever. Just like people, some dogs are asymptomatic, while other dogs have severe infections and even pneumonia. If your dog has a new cough or is having respiratory symptoms please call us for an exam.

Have a safe and sane 4th of July!


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